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Summertime by HidonRedux Summertime by HidonRedux
The follow up to Elf Medias Res by HidonRedux, two months later:

Ever since that day her friend Mairenn went into labor while by the shore, a seed had been planted in Summer's mind.  She loved the ocean, the beach, and all that came with it, and had loved it nearly as long as she could remember.

Her initial guess was wrong, thankfully, and she was able to avoid bedrest entirely.  On the other hand, she had also lasted far longer than she'd have ever surmised, and had gone close to three weeks over her due date.  For a single that would be impressive enough, but Summer was having triplets, and the very notion of going overdue was mind boggling.  

That extra time allowed that seed to linger and grow, and whereas a month ago she would've gone straight to the hospital, and possibly even schedule inducing, now she was set in her plans.  

Maybe, just maybe...the ocean was the perfect place to bring her own children into the world.

For a week, she spent all her days down at the strip of private beach on her property, and while that old longing to get back on the board and ride the waves always gnawed at her, her admittedly strange idea persisted and she waited patiently for the moment her children would come.

On the eighth day, she slowly waddled down the shoreline, hefting her overburdened womb wearily with every step.  Every so often she could feel her children turning about, which brought a smile to her face whenever they weren't kicking the inconvenient organs they were packed against.

Briefly she adjusted her bikini, which had barely fit two months ago, and now was on it's last legs as her hips and bust continued to grow along with her massive belly. Initially designed to ride low on the waist, her bottoms barely clung to the notion of staying up at all, and would threaten to slide off every few steps. Any elasticity in her top had worn out ages ago, and now acted more as a sling for her amazing breasts rather than proper support.  

The bikini was a mere formality since there was no one around for miles, but regardless of what she was trying to do in the end it still felt weird not to at least be wearing something.

It was during one of these brief readjustments that she finally felt it; a contraction. Her heart skipped a beat. Was it finally time?  Were her babies coming today?

She knelt down where she was, inches from the water, and braced herself against the coming waves of pressure.  Finally, the little lives within her that she loved would meet the other love of her life.

A few moments or possibly even an hour passed, she wasn't sure. Her contractions steadily increased, seemingly trying to make up for lost time, before her water broke, dripping down her thighs and mixing into the sand.

She steadied her breathing, took one last look at her engorged middle, and then waited.

In retrospect, she realized she probably should've just let the bottoms fall off.
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sonicfighter Featured By Owner May 14, 2016
Can you draw her giving birth to her children?
RoseliaTyler Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2015
My hope in humanity has been destroyed.
HidonRedux Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Was this really all it took? A cartoon with some circles?
stuffedbellylover Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2014

Best wishes,

falloutghoul Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014
A very nice story to go with such a lovely pic.
jeje1140 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014
So cute ^^
deathkat5 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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